How Often Do You Service Your AC Unit?
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Like any other mechanical equipment, your AC also needs regular maintenance and servicing like any other mechanical equipment. Otherwise, it won’t work the way it should. So, your AC needs to be serviced regularly to keep it working smoothly.

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When Does Your AC Needs Servicing?

The optimum intervals between AC servicing depend on several factors. However, experts recommend that an AC should be serviced at least once yearly. It is also recommended to carry out the services just before the new season's arrival.

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For a cooling-only unit, the best time to do servicing is Spring. Because your AC will be in full flow before the summer. In contrast, a reverse-cycle AC should be serviced twice a year. Once in the spring and then in the autumn, it is all good to go before the start of both new seasons.

That’s not it; the extent of usage of your AC is also crucial to determine the number of services per year. If your AC runs 24/7, you will need more than 1 or 2 services a year to avoid any inconvenience.

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Why Is AC Servicing Necessary?

Thinking about why you would spend money on AC servicing? Here’s the answer for you.
If you don’t get your AC serviced regularly, the coils, filters, and fans will gradually accumulate dust and dirt. Afterwards, the dirt will damage the parts of your AC when it operates.

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As a result, your AC will have reduced efficiency and will be unable to cool down your room properly. In addition, you will need to pay higher electricity bills. That’s not it; you will have to bear the heavy repair costs to fix this issue.

Therefore, you should not neglect your AC servicing. Timely AC servicing will give you these benefits:

  • Saving money on your electric bills.
  • Increase the efficiency of your Air Conditioner.
  • Giving your AC an extended life span.
  • Offer better indoor air quality.
  • Keeping skin allergies and respiratory issues at bay.
  • Avoid costly repairs.

What Does AC Service Include?

Don’t know what the constituents of an AC servicing process are? Our AC technicians carry out different steps to improve the life and efficiency of your AC. They will:

  • Clean the inner parts of the AC to remove any accumulated dust or dirt.
  • Lubricate the components to ensure all components work well, and friction doesn’t cause any problems.
  • Gauge the airflow and the electricity.
  • Inspect each AC part and carry out any minor repairs if needed.
  • Check the accuracy of the Thermostat and re-calibrate it if required.

What Does AC Service Include?

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What Does AC Service Include?

We offer a broad range of services for all AC and HVAC systems. Here is what we do:

  • Servicing
  • Tune-Ups
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

If you need any of the services mentioned above, please contact us and schedule the service you need.

Underlying is the list of the machines we deal with:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heat Pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Installation
  • Mini-Splits

The Verdict

To sum it up, an AC unit needs regular servicing to maintain its condition. Also, servicing increases the lifespan of your Air Conditioner and makes it more efficient.

Regarding the frequency of AC servicing, it should be serviced at least once a year and twice in case of a reverse-cycle AC. Also, the best time for servicing is either spring or autumn.

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