Clean Air and Air Filtration
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You not only need to maintain proper seasonal temperatures for your Dallas County home or business. You also need to ensure a healthy and truly comfortable indoor environment, and for that, you need air purification and air filtration.

On average, we spend about 90% of each day indoors. Maintaining good air quality will minimize respiratory ailments like allergies and keep all occupants healthy and comfortable. Common challenges to proper air quality include:

  • Excessive dust
  • Allergies caused by dust, pollen, mold and other indoor pollutants
  • Dry winter air with resultant dry eyes, skin and sleep issues
  • High summer humidity causing condensation, mold and mildew
  • Lingering food or pet odors

Clean Indoor Air Services

Air Central HVAC are experts in providing proper indoor air quality and a healthy living environment. We offer a number of indoor air quality systems to help ensure a healthy indoor environment:

  • Air filters to remove air impurities like duct, pollen, mold and other allergens
  • Carbon filters to remove odor and deliver cleaner smelling air
  • Remi Halo air purifiers and UV systems that remove bacteria and viruses
  • Humidifiers to add moisture in the heating season
  • Advanced environment control systems to monitor your IAQ and ensure HVAC operation parameters that maximize the quality delivered by your comfort system

Indoor Air Is Up To 100 Times Polluted Than Outdoor Air

Removing airbourn allergens, viruses, spores, pollen, bacteria, and mold if extremely important in today’s tighter Texas homes.

We feature Ultra Violet Reme Halo (UV)Indoor Air Purifiers from Sanuvox. We also offer whole-house humidification systems, media filters, and de-humidification systems.

Air Central HVAC is dedicated to helping our customers enjoy indoor environments that are safe, comfortable and healthy. When you contact one of our HVAC specialists regarding your indoor air quality (IAQ), you’ll discover ways to promote health and comfort in your Garland Texas area home or business.

All of the heating technician at Air Central HVAC are licensed and insured. Our air conditioning and refrigeration contractor license number is TACLB43316C.

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