Heat Pump Maintenance & Fall Tune-Up
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Central heat pumps are a popular choice for heating and cooling for home and business owners here in the Garland, TX area. We're getting closer to the heating season now in Garland, and to make sure your heat pump is working efficiently and effectively for winter it's important to give it a tune-up. Air Central HVAC is your local heat pump maintenance and tune up expert here in Garland, but there are things you can do as a diligent homeowner for your system prior to calling us for service. Heat pumps consist of two main components; your indoor air handler that keeps the air moving throughout your space, and the outdoor heat pump that draws air in to be heated or cooled. In this article we'll go over some ways to take care of your heat pump system.

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How To Clean Your Heat Pump

Your heat pump can become clogged by outside debris like pollen, leaves, and during the winter by snow and ice. If the coils of your system become dirty, or obstructed by debris, snow or ice then your heat pump is going to work inefficiently and you will notice poorer performance. Cleaning steps:

  1. 1. First step turn off the power to the system, and double check the the fans are not moving.
  2. 2. Make sure the area around your heat pump is clear, that there isn't snow/ice, leaves or other debris obstructing access to the system.
  3. 3. Next, using a screwdriver remove the outer covering of your heat pump. Place the cover safely out of the way and use a vacuum or brush to clean out any dirt, pollen or debris in the system.
  4. 4. Then lift up the top grill of the heat pump which is attached to the fan. Use a bucket of soapy water or a garden hose and some soap to gently clean the condenser coil and the fins. Be careful not to bend or damage the fins, if you would like professional help with this step call our team.

Contact one of our heating and cooling technicians if you would prefer to have an expert cleaning and tune-up done for your heat pump, our team is just a call away for Garland area service.

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Schedule your ac tune up wiht Air Central HVAC Today

A heat pump working properly is efficient, effective and quiet! You should hardly notice the sound of your heat pump working at home or at your business, if you are hearing loud unusual noises, or uneven cooling or heating that is a bad sign. If you think your heat pump is making odd noises or you think there is a potential problem with your system schedule a professional tune-up with our team.

Our maintenance and tune-up checklist will vary slightly based on your systems age, condition and level of maintenance. But it will be similar to the following - schedule a tune up with our team at least once a year to make the most out of your system:

  • Check the system for any obstructions
  • Check the ducts for leakage and diagnose
  • Check the system to make sure the airflow is proper and the pump as the right refrigerant charge
  • Clean and tighten all connections
  • Diligently check the motor and belts, lubricate and clean them as necessary
  • Confirm that the electronics and thermostat are working as they should
  • Test run your system to make sure everything is working well
  • Clean our workspace, prepare a written report of the tune up, and let you know of any potential needed repairs we find

Air Central HVAC is your Garland area heat pump maintenance expert, but we are also your new installation specialist. Sometimes even a professional tune-up can only do so much for a heat pump that is old and needs repair, in that case the best thing to do is usually to replace with a new unit. Call our team today if you'd like a free quote for new heat pump installation in Garland.

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