The Versatility and Benefits of Heat Pump Systems
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Here in Garland, TX heat pumps make fantastic choices for homeowners looking for efficiency and effectiveness in their home comfort systems. Heat pumps from all major brands today offer central heat pump systems that are both quiet and more efficiency than any previously available heat pumps on the market. If you're looking to upgrade or replace your heating or cooling system in your home, consider a new heat pump unit, at Air Central HVAC we install Bryant heat pumps and look forward to go over available models for your installation!

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Benefits of A New Heat Pump System

  • Most electric heat pumps are more energy-efficient compared to a gas-operated furnace. Normally, electricity rates are lower than natural gas rates, which means heat pumps could cost less to operate over the course of the year.
  • One great thing about heat pumps is generally they supply more heating and cooling volume than the amount of energy/electricity it takes them to run
  • An electric heat pump gives no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from a leak in the system, a faulty gas leak from a central furnace unit could result in a fire.
  • Heat pumps provide nice and even heat distribution throughout your home or space, central furnace heat is less well distributed.
  • Perhaps the best thing about heat pumps, they not only heat, they also can cool! This makes them incredibly versatile and efficient for many climates in the U.S.
  • Because a heat pump produces both hot and cold air, usually you will just need to sign up for a single comprehensive maintenance plan for your system, compared to having a conventional furnace and AC system where you would need separate hot and cold maintenance packages
  • Heat pumps do fantastic in areas like Garland, where the temperature doesn't fall well below freezing for long periods of the year. In very cold and icy climates heat pumps do not do as well because heat pumps rely on extracting heat from the outdoor air to circulate throughout your home. If you live in a colder, wintery climate you might want to stick to an efficient central furnace system for heating during the winter months.
  • Another small disadvantage of a new heat pump system is the relatively high cost of new system installation, or if you are purchasing one during a high demand peak like the beginning of winter.

Overall, heat pumps do quite well at both heating your home in the winter and cooling during the summer months here in Garland, where are summers can be hot and our winter's are somewhat milder. We sell and install heat pump systems from Bryant, an industry leader in the HVAC industry. Bryant makes some of the most effective and efficient heat pumps available today. Are you interested in a free heat pump installation quote? Give us a call today to speak with one of our expert technicians!

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